Entry #8

'Seven Deadly Sins' temporarily taken down.

2012-12-14 22:29:17 by DeadBroadcast

I'm taking Seven Deadly Sins offline temporarily as it is being considered for TopArts 2013.

Top Arts is an exhibition of the best VCE Studio Arts pieces of the year and selection is rigorous, and as I was shortlisted I don't want to do anything to jeopardise my chances.

It'll be back eventually, but until then I'm well underway on my next project - which is more ambitious but I don't have a deadline.

EDIT: I got in, the movies are back up,


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2012-12-15 01:33:39

Why would having the work online diminish your chances at the competition?
In any case, I wish you well with that and your new project :)

DeadBroadcast responds:

Just being cautious. Thanks Vicarious!


2012-12-15 16:37:25

Good luck in the competition, i loved Seven Deadly Sins!


2013-06-24 15:24:47

So how did the competition go? Any new projects in mind yet?

DeadBroadcast responds:

Whoa hey. Competition went well, The Seven Deadly Sins has been in a huge art gallery in the middle of my home city for a few months now. http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/learn/t op-arts-hub/2013/students/nathan-
I haven't animated in months because I'm focusing on (and terrible at) school but I am half way finished with an animation and have several more written. I'm starting animating again when school finishes in November.


2013-12-10 18:46:54

Ah, so, you're on summer break now? How's thing's been?

DeadBroadcast responds:

Fine. Ordered a new tablet, applied for Uni and started animating again. Progress is slowish but I have heaps of time now, so that's good.


2015-04-25 15:22:58